An It’s a Date Bachelorette party is as unique and special as the guest of honour — with a style and personality
all of its own! You get to decide just how naughty or nice you want to be and we’ll arrange the rest: simply
select the package (or packages) that you like and we’ll make the magic happen.
All packages include a free emailable or Whatsapp Bachelorette invitation design service!

Its a Date

Venue & Accommodation Packages

Our range of “Out & About” options are perfect for ladies needing a Bachelorette venue with everything included and accounted for from
the start! All packages include a free emailable invitation design service. Don’t forget to check out our range of “living it up (entertaiment)”,
“on the go (transport)” and “cheers (food & drink)” party packages as well!

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Entertainment & Activity Packages

Our range of exciting “entertainment & activity” Gauteng bachelorette party packages are designed to put that “WOW” factor
into your day or night of girly fun, whether you want to hold it at a venue of your choice or at home! Contact us for more info! Don’t forget to check out our range of “out and about (venue)”, “on the go (transport)” and “cheers (food & drink)” packages as well!

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